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The NOS - Commercial

Trafalgar Sqaure  - London

The Network of Students approached us to design their new space in Trafalgar space. The brief was to convert the blank canvas into a multi-functional meeting, learning, and office space. Interconnecting zones were created by keeping the flooring the same throughout but by assigning themes to each room. The office space was kept simple with bespoke walnut cupboards to house stationery and office equipment. We designed a multi-functional meeting space that could be used as both a conference room or a classroom. We designed a bespoke large MDF and walnut veneer table, which could be folded away and stored in a bespoke discreet cupboard when it was not needed. We brightened up the student lounge with purple modular seating and orange accents, which are movable.  

nos walnut
nos table
nos light
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