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Kingsway Storeys - Residential

Stoke Newington - London

Significant alterations to this building included the construction of two entirely new floors built with brickwork, a steel framed structure and slate. Elements of historic detailing and craftsmanship enabled us to stay true to the original character of the building whilst creating 5 new and spacious self contained flats.

Kingsway_Parade_02 copy
Kingsway_Parade_10 copy
Kingsway_Parade_09 copy
Kingsway_Parade_08 copy
Kingsway_Parade_07 copy
Kingsway_Parade_06 copy
Kingsway_Parade_05 copy
Kingsway_Parade_04 copy
Kingsway_Parade_03 copy
Kingsway_Parade_01 copy
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